How To Remove Dark Circles With Potatoes

Having those horrible circles under your eyes is always a real nuisance. One of the best ways to eliminate them is to increase water consumption, but this method is not always practical. Therefore, we bring you the potato trick for dark circles and how you should apply it to achieve greater effectiveness.

Potato for the eyes: how to use it?

Trying to remove them with makeup and expensive cosmetics is a thing of the past thanks to the new trend: using potatoes to remove dark circles. This method is super, plus it’s inexpert since you’ll only need one potato.

The potato contains agents that are naturally bleaching, in addition to a lot of vitamins A and C that improve the function of collagen and antioxidants in your face, helping to regenerate the skin. The potato can also be used as an anti-wrinkle cream.

Among the various ways to use it, we can mention:

1. Cut potato

Its preparation is convenient, in addition to the enough that to do so you will not invest more than 5 minutes of your time. You will only need a medium-sized potato, which has already been refrigerated for enough time to be cold.

Experts studying this method and defending it have advised that they should freshly take potatoes out of the almost frozen fridge.

Cut two thin slices and place them over your eyes for about 20 minutes. Then remove them and wash your face with warm water.

Ts should repeat this process at least once a week. When you’ve already done it three times, you’ll start to appreciate its results.

2. Grated potato

The potato for the eyes can be used in different ways and thus avoid dark circles. It even helps remove wrinkles from your skin. Although thin slices of potato are the most used, there are other ways to take advantage of it.

Another method you can apply is to use grated potatoes. It is enough to finely grate the raw potato and place it on a cloth to compress. Then you must put it on top of your eyes and let it sit for half an hour.

You must perform this process for a week, and you can repeat it up to 3 times a day for best results.

3. Potato with lemon

Lemon also contains components that help whiten your skin without harming it. However, you must be very careful not to burn your eyes with its juice when applying it. For this procedure, you need a potato and the juice of a medium lemon.

It would help if you blended the potato with the lemon juice until you created a homogeneous paste. If you wish, you can add a little water to lower the acid of the lemon. It would be best to let it stand for 15 minutes on top of dark circles and remove it with warm water.

Remember that any lemon treatment should be used at night and not exposed to the sun within 12 hours of application to prevent the skin from staining.

4. Potato with cucumber

Cucumber is another vegetable that you can use to remove dark circles. It has properties that reduce inflammation and help improve blood circulation in the area, making those annoying dark circles disappear little by little.

It is enough to liquefy a cucumber with a potato until creating a homogeneous mixture to try this method. Then you should apply it under the eyes and let it stand for about 20 minutes.

You can do it about three times a week, to obtain better results.

Is the potato suitable for dark circles?

Do you still have doubts about it? The potato contains natural bleaching components that help remove those unsightly bags under your eyes. In addition, it has other benefits, such as helping to regenerate the skin and keep it hydrated.

Remember that the potato is a very economical and easy-to-find tuber with components that will help improve your skin without causing any discomfort.

How to remove dark circles with potatoes?

We have already mentioned that there are different ways to apply potatoes to the eyes. The simplest way is to cut the potatoes freshly extracted from the refrigerator, place them on top of the eyes and let them stand for 20 minutes. However, grated potato or cucumber are excellent alternatives.

How long are potatoes left for dark circles?

The optimal time for any potato mask in the eyes is 20 to 30 minutes of rest. The trick to getting better and faster results is to repeat the process several times a week for a month.