7 Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Five months after birth, and you are still far from recovering the figure you had before giving birth? There is no need to panic; losing weight after pregnancy takes time. We give you some tips!

The truth is that the 13 kilos we gain during pregnancy do not disappear on their own. The body needs a small fat pad so that the mother and baby are well supplied with all the nutrients. This is especially true when you breastfeed the baby.

So it is not advisable to think about a diet in the first weeks after childbirth. However, there are some tricks to get rid of excessive pounds safely slowly. The key is to have a good organization of nutrition and exercise.

Here are the seven best tips for losing weight after pregnancy:

1. Don’t stress

No one expects a mare who has just given birth to lose all the pounds she gained in her pregnancy a few weeks or months after childbirth. During the nine months of pregnancy, the future mother’s body has gone through many significant changes. So it’s normal not to get back the body you had before in the first few weeks after delivery. No stress! Do not set goals too high, instead be happy with your baby and enjoy the first months.

2. Pay attention to meals

A baby turns your life upside down, and sometimes it isn’t easy to follow a routine. Many mothers eat very irregularly and, above all, eat things that can cook fast and are satiating. This often means consuming a lot of excess calories. Also, this unhealthy diet won’t help you be prepared for exhausting daily life with the baby.
If you want to speed up the weight loss process after pregnancy, the first thing you need to do is structure your meals
better. You will have a less voracious appetite if you eat three main meals and two small ones.

3. Cook for yourself as much as possible

Prepared meals, sweets, cakes, or sandwiches. All these foods are fast and therefore many mothers like them. However, these meals contain extra calories. You can promote weight loss after pregnancy by trying to cook your food as often as possible.
We know that this is difficult because of the lack of time and energy, but it is better to take this time to achieve your
goal. Ask your partner for help and cook quick and simple dishes in more significant portions so you can freeze them.

4. Avoid snacking between meals

Women who are breastfeeding are allowed to consume 500 kcal more a day. Many mothers like to eat chocolate bars and the like as a snack between meals. Avoid snacking between hours at all costs if you want to get rid of the kilos gained during pregnancy. The caloric content of energy bars is often underestimated. Check out the nutritional information! It is much better to eat healthy snacks, natural yogurts with fruit, vegetable sticks, or a sandwich.

5. Exercise regularly

Very few women have time to go to the gym after giving birth. However, you don’t need to run to the gym to speed up weight loss after pregnancy. Starting a regression course about six weeks after giving birth is best to begin strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. But first, you should ask your gynecologist if you are ready to do sports. Otherwise, you can do low-impact exercise, such as taking long walks with your baby every day. If the baby is a little bigger and you want to do sports, you can combine with your partner to find a space to go for a run or the gym and even practice sports at home with exercise routines that you can find on the internet.

You can do them in the dining room in front of the TV or computer at any time of the day.

6. Create a space to relax

The child has finally fallen asleep: now is the time to clean, wash, tidy up. Of course, you want to use this time for this, but you should sit on the sofa to relax for a few minutes. Stress is discouraged if you’re going to lose weight.

If there are constant stress hormones in your body, I will store more fat in your stomach, and that’s precisely what you want to eliminate. So take regular breaks to relax and take some time for yourself. The kilos will disappear little by little.

7. Try to get as much sleep as possible

Sweets provide quick energy, and that’s why we turn to them when we are drained. Many new moms eat many sweets during pregnancy and have a hard time losing weight afterward. It is better not to have large amounts of sweets at home to avoid temptations. What’s even more important than this: try to get as much sleep as possible.

We know it’s hard with a baby, but you have to try. It doesn’t matter if you have other things to do. Rest is what will help you lose weight the most.