5 Hair Washing Mistakes You May Be Making

Washing your hair is an everyday, almost mechanical activity: you wet your hair, put on the shampoo, shake and rinse. However, you may have been making mistakes that prevent you from having an impact on your hair.

Schwarzkopf’s hair care experts indicate that you can reduce shine if you do not wash the correct hair. In addition to the haps, it may become brittle and dry.

On the other hand, if the hair is not washed correctly, there will be dirt, oil, and product accumulation, which will generate a sinister appearance.

The correct use of the products and the steps to follow in the beauty routine are crucial to showing off enviable hair.

We tell you what the mistakes you make when washing your hair are.

1. Wash it every day

It is expected that when you bathe, you also wash your hair, but you could be causing damage. According to Garnier, daily washing can, in some cases, cause brittleness and the loss of natural oils.

Data from Jean Louis David, a beauty salon, indicate that the frequency of hair washing varies depending on the type of hair: a usual mane should be washed twice a week since doing it daily can eliminate the necessary natural oils. If you must, they recommend a frequently used mild shampoo.

For hair with dryness problems for no reason, daily washing is recommended; you should do it once or twice a week with highly nutritious products that quench the thirst for hair fiber. If you need to clean your hair daily, it is advisable to use soft products without silicones or sulfates.

However, if your hair is oily, daily washing is essential. In this way, you will avoid sebum, itching, and peeling; You should also use purifying and astringent properties that regulate fat secretion.

2. Using too much shampoo

It is common to think that the more shampoo, the better the hair cleansing; however, that is a mistake. The right amount for washing the mane is the equivalent of two teaspoons of sugar.

In the same way, Schwarzkopf recommends using the equivalent of the size of a hazelnut and spreading it throughout the mane before massaging the scalp in circular motions.

3. Using inappropriate products

Straight, Chinese, wavy, dry, fatty, or expected. The hair is not the same; in this way, you can not use any product for its care since it may not have the properties that your hair needs to look spectacular.

Schwarzkopf recommends looking for the right product for your hair type: a dry, damaged mane with split ends and rough-looking, for example, will need increased hydration and special oils.

4. Bathe in very hot water

There is nothing more refreshing than a good bath with hot water; however, doing so could affect your hair.

According to Jacob Oliveras, stylist, by washing your hair with boiling water, you will cause it to look dull, dull, and become brittle, in addition to causing its fall and increasing the chances of having dandruff and dehydration.

In this way, L’Oreal recommends washing your hair with cold water, but if you do not tolerate it, let it be with warm water; In addition, Jacobs Oliveira advises that before leaving the shower, cool the water a little and let it fall for a few minutes on the scalp.

5. Apply incorrectly and do not rinse well

Regularly not too much attention is paid to the way shampoo and conditioner are placed in the hair, and this step can be crucial to having an impact mane without detracting from its shine or making it brittle or bad looking.

L’Oreal recommends saying the shampoo on your hands and then massaging your scalp with your fingertips gently until foaming. Then, continue from means to ends, without rubbing them, since it is one of the parts of the hair that is most damaged.

Subsequently, it must be rinsed thoroughly, without leaving any remaining product, since doing so can reduce the hair’s shine. Once the process with the shampoo is finished, the conditioner should be placed, from means to ends. You never have to do it in the roots. Otherwise, you make a mistake that will grease the hair. You should wait for 1 to 2 minutes for the product to take effect and then rinse.

To have an impact, mane avoids making these mistakes since doing so subtracts shine, in addition to mistreating the hair, making it brittle, and causing it to fluff.