8 Habits To Improve Your Personality

Determine what doesn’t work

If you read this article, you have a reason for your desire to change your personality. Reflect on this reason. Annotate it if you wish. This will be the basis of your inner change. Maybe you’re shy and don’t talk to people much. Perhaps someone has made you suffer and diminished your respect and love in the circumstances mentioned. No matter what it is, it will be a thing of the past. The fact that you read this article is the first step to change. It all depends on you and the decisions you make. As soon as you find the answer to this question, plan the next step. If you’re shy, what do you plan to do? Talk to more people, of course! Try to develop your solutions before reading the rest of the tips. The most important thing to remember is that you are unique in your way, and no one can prove otherwise.

Start journaling

This might seem like a trite thing from teen movies, but it can help you more than you imagine. You don’t have to write daily or write down everything that happens to you during the day. Instead, the diary should be a support during the journey. If you’re worried about something, go down and start doing something else that doesn’t relate to the worries. You can write about your feelings or emotions, your thoughts, and your opinions. Write down your successes and achievements, and remind yourself every moment that you are unique.

Work on your posture

Think about it: why is a girl beautiful, in addition to her elegant outfits and pretty makeup? Posture is also essential! What’s more, no one will look twice at someone who hides their face and acts as if they would rather be somewhere else. Keep your back upright and chin up, walk relaxed and move your arms to your sides. Do not hide your hands, as it can look like a sign of insecurity. Do not hesitate to walk boldly: you have all the reasons for it; what’s more, you’re fantastic!

To make sure you always remember to maintain your posture, draw a small star in your hand with which you write. At school or work, you’ll most likely write, see the star, and remember your posture.


Smiling always makes other people come up to you. You will most likely speak to a person smiling rather than someone who frowns at all times. Forcing a smile is very difficult, especially if you’re the kind of person who only smiles when they have a reason to do so. Still, you’ll have to try to fake it. For example, imagine that you meet a friend on the street. As you walk towards him, think about his friendship experiences, inside jokes, funny mistakes, and everything else that’s funny. You will notice that a smile appears on your lips unconsciously! You will learn little by little to smile in a friendly way in all kinds of situations.

Improve the way you talk to each other

Everyone talks to themselves, even if they don’t admit it. Talking to yourself is a common and logical thing for everyone, and you might not believe it, but it has a considerable impact on your opinions and feelings. If you continuously repeat something like “I’m ugly,” “No one likes me,” or “I’m a fool,” you’ll start believing it. Instead, it would be best if you did the exact opposite. Give yourself compliments elongate yourself, and offer yourself a kind response every day. You can do it in your mind or out loud, as you like. Do it periodically, and you will notice that it will work better than you had imagined.


A relaxed person is a happy person. Sometimes, we are so stuck in everyday affairs that we forget to take a break and do something soothing or fun. You are young, and this is the time to have fun in every way possible. Stop studying for a quarter of an hour and do something else, like read a magazine, take a walk, eat something, listen to music, or do whatever you relax. Enjoy everything around you, daydream or do crazy things. Maybe you like to dance in the center of the supermarket. Just do it. People are likely to judge you, but who cares?

Enjoy the pleasure of hobbies

Hobbies are great. You probably won’t have time for your hobbies when you go to college, work, and start a family. Therefore, you have to enjoy what you like the most right now. In other words, listen to music, watch movies or go out with your friends. Develop daily activities that relax and concentrate you. Don’t hesitate to try something new. It can be anything from being the drummer in a rock band to studying a complex language. Being busy with your hobbies will make you feel fulfilled, relaxed and calm, and let it be yourself.

Spend time with your family, friends, and people who care about you

They are like puzzle pieces that cannot replace with anything. These are the people who love and accept you no matter what. Retribute them with love and affection by constantly showing them that you care. Planning everyday activities is an idea worth trying. A family picnic or a night of women’s movies with your best friends can put a smile on everyone’s face. Keep in mind that if you weren’t so special, these people wouldn’t love you so much!