9 Foods To Lose Weight

If the goal we want to achieve with our diet is weight loss, we have to include foods that have a satiating effect, are nutritious, healthy, and contain very few calories.

In this article, we will recommend different foods that, due to their high content of water and fiber and their low caloric density, that is, they have few calories concerning their weight, help to lose weight.

1. Potatoes

Three-quarters of the composition of potatoes are water and have almost no fat. Its carbohydrate content, transformed when cooked into starch, has a tremendous satiating effect. We must consume them boiled because they would contain the fat of the oil used when frying them. They are an ideal complement in healthy diets to accompany vegetables or fish.

2. Whole eggs

Consuming whole eggs is a good option if you want to lose weight. They are rich in protein and healthy fats and contain very few calories.

3. Lettuce

It is very light, satiating, contains fiber, and its contribution of calories is minimal. Ideal to use in all our salads. Getting used to including salad in the daily menu will help us consume less of other foods that make us fatter.

4. Vegetables

They are beneficial for weight loss due to their satiating effect and their high fiber content.

5. Fish

To lose weight, the most recommended fish is salmon for the high quality of its proteins. You can also consume mackerel, tuna, or trout.

If tuna is consumed, it should be canned naturally, not in oil.

6. Oat

Oatmeal stabilizes your blood sugar level, making you not hungry for a long time, and helps metabolize fats. In addition to its most common consumption, as a flake for breakfast, it can be boiled and consumed with rice or make recipes using its flour.

7. Natural yogurt

It can serve as a snack to snack between meals. It protects the gut against inflammation and resistance to leptin, one of the main hormonal factors of obesity. We must consume it without sugar, and we can combine it with pieces of fruits or with a handful of nuts or raw seeds, for example, nuts, which help improve metabolic health; or with chia seeds that are very nutritious and low in carbohydrates.

8. Vegetables

We can include in our two main meals (lunch and dinner) a portion of vegetables. It can be salad, cooked vegetables, steamed; the important thing is to vary so as not to get bored of the menu, since being doing a slimming diet does not mean always eating the same or not having variety. We especially recommend broccoli, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts, which are pretty satiating and contain many fibers.

9. Water

You may not think it necessary to recommend it since everyone consumes water because it is vital. Still, it is essential to emphasize that you have to include one to two glasses in the main meals and have a bottle nearby throughout the day, since staying hydrated is essential to satiate, regulate appetite and avoid the consumption of other less recommended drinks, like carbonated soft drinks that contain a lot of sugar.

Although, as you can see with our recommendations, there are many foods that you can consume to lose weight when you follow one of these diets, it is advisable to consume some food supplement to supply the deficiencies derived from the foods that are missing from your diet. To see dietary products suitable for you, you can search for opinions and comments online that give you advice and guide you on which products you can try.