How To Look Elegant At home?

This element of the wardrobe causes the fair sex ambivalent attitude. On the one hand, they agree that at home you also need to be elegant. On the other hand, spending money on the purchase of home toilet items is regrettable.
So after all, how to dress at home? The truth, as usual, is in the middle.

Our fortress

Home is where we come after a working day, where our loved ones gather, in which we recuperate and become ourselves. Therefore, everything in the house should be comfortable, cozy, such as we like. Clothing is no exception. After all, if you are uncomfortable in it, something presses or constantly falls, what kind of rest are we talking about? In addition, stylish home clothes bring up a sense of taste in our children, especially girls. They get used to seeing their mother beautiful from a young age and correspond to this stereotype in adulthood. Do you agree that it’s nice to be a model for your children? And it is more pleasant to look in the mirror when you are wearing a fashionable home dress and not a shapeless bathrobe.

What options for home clothes for women do designers offer? It can be loose-cut trousers and a T-shirt with a bright print, an elegant dress, a tracksuit or a wrestling shirt complete with shorts – depending on your preferences—very comfortable overalls.

Pay attention to the composition of the fabric from which home clothes are sewn. In it, you should be, first of all, comfortable. Give preference to materials such as cotton, calico, flannel, satin, viscose. They are soft, pleasant to the touch, and the body breathes in them. A big plus of these fabrics is also that they are easily erased and dry quickly. Actual cotton clothes, for example, are easily cruised, so choose models that contain polyester, lycra in the fabrics.

Many brands as a variant of home clothes for women offer us sets-two—for example, shorts with a T-shirt for the summer and a hoodie for the winter period. The same goes for shoes. In the collections, you can find fluffy, warm uggs for the cold season and slippers-Vietnamese, ideal for spring and summer. Produce home clothes in almost all fashion houses. Even inexpensive brands can find beautiful and practical options. To match this season’s trends, 

In some collections, home lines are represented by outfits that consider all aspects of our home life. They are performed in the same style. For example, a silk bathrobe for the morning toilet, a tracksuit that is convenient to wear when cleaning the apartment, pajamas for everyday wear. Pay attention to such collections. So you will have in the wardrobe options for all cases. And you will not only be comfortable in them, but you will always look beautiful and elegant. Do not neglect accessories. Pick up a set of home clothes elastic for hair, a rim in the tone of the pattern on the outfit, a handbag for cosmetics—trends in spring and summer.

The fashion for home clothes for women also exists. Trends in this industry are changing, of course, not as fast as in clothes for everyday or evening. And yet, what recommendations do designers give on how to dress at home this spring and summer? In the collections of almost all brands, there is one general trend – they chose Disney heroes as their favorite theme. The most popular remains Mickey Mouse. His images of fashion designers decorate T-shirts, trousers, pajamas, overalls. No less relevant are things with Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend, Minnie Mouse. This season, other sought-after heroes are Vinnie the Bear, Goofy the Dog, chipmunks Chip, and Dale.

At the peak of popularity and kitty. Her image is actively used by designers when creating home wardrobe items, as well as accessories. In the new season, images of Kitty are found mainly on T-shirts and leggings. Clothes with your favorite cartoon characters you will find in stores Oysho, Incity, Be, Free, OGGI.

If you treat Disney characters calmly, pay attention to home clothes made of fabric with a geometric pattern or floral print. Especially a lot in this style of overalls and dresses. For shopping, go to Woman Secret, Topshop, HM, Incanto.

If you can not imagine your image without a dress even at home, then the season “Spring-Summer” gives you complete freedom of choice. Dress is a trend in the collections of fashion houses. Styles are very different – mini and knee-length, with a lush skirt and straight cut, in retro and sports direction.

Delight the fair sex this season with fashion brands and shoe models. Designers offer to decorate the legs with slippers-Vietnamese. As a rule, they are made of terry fabric and decorated with rhinestones, applications of the same Disney heroes or animals. Such shoes are ideal for summer since the feet in them are not hot. Ballet flats are also relevant—beautiful models of satin, decorated with lace.

The total hits of this season are all shades of blue and red, yellow, white, the color of wet asphalt. Choose clothes from bright but plain fabrics or models with prints in the store.

Thus, home clothes for women of the spring-summer season are characterized by three words – elegance, convenience, and the diversity that unites them.

How to dress at home?

When choosing home kits, focus on your lifestyle in your native walls. How do you usually spend your free time? Do you like to cook? Or maybe you have a lot of friends, and they all often gather in your cozy living room? If you have a small child, the central part of household chores is associated with cleaning. Therefore, before you go to home clothing stores, analyze your duties and decide which will be more convenient for you to perform. 

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, as home clothes, choose a dress of free cut with a sleeve of three quarters. It will not constrain movements, and sleeves of this length will not interfere with washing dishes and other kitchen work. A good option would be trousers and a T-shirt. To cheer up, choose clothes in pale blue, pink shades, as well as green, blue, fuchsia. Not only aesthetic but also a practical addition to the “kitchen” image will be a scarf. When cooking, tie it on your head, and no hair will be a random companion of your culinary masterpieces.

To clean the room, buy a tracksuit, only from a thinner fabric than for sports. Such an option you can easily pick up in the stores of the brand “Your.” When buying, give preference to a set with a hoody. You can throw it up when you take out the trash, clean the loggia, or need to run to the store. It will come in handy for sure. And if there is an opportunity to buy a set at once (trousers, T-shirt and hoodie), why not use it? See clothes with discounts.

It is convenient to restore order in leggings and a wrestling jersey. Purchase a knitted cardigan for this kit. By the way, this item of clothing will be an excellent addition to the home overalls. Sketch it out if your friends come, and your image will become more stylish and attractive.

Pajamas occupy a special place in women’s home clothes. They are suitable for receiving guests and for everyday wear and homework. Choose pajamas of delicate pastel colors without sharp contrasts, free cut, soft fabric, with romantic prints. Pajamas can represent both a warm shirt and trousers and a light top/T-shirt and shorts/skirt. Choose depending on the time of year and your mood. Very convenient pajamas for lazy weekends, when you want to spend the whole day in bed with a book or watching your favorite movies. Be sure to buy yourself such an item in the wardrobe!

And, of course, no one canceled a bathrobe as home clothes. But this thing is not always convenient. For example, when cleaning an apartment. But the bathrobe is an ideal option for the morning and evening toilet. Let there be two of them in your wardrobe – one of light fabric (for example, silk), and the other bath, terry. And don’t be afraid of this wardrobe item! If the robe is beautiful and not worn, it will not turn you into a “housewife.” You will correspond to this household image if you go home with not neat hair, peeled varnish, or in a bad mood, even if at this moment you are wearing couture pajamas. Therefore, always and everywhere, pay attention to your appearance. If you use curlers, tie your head with a scarf. Braided long hair or collected upstairs with studs. It is also undesirable to do face masks in the presence of your husband, use an epilator or discuss skin defects with friends and the presence of signs of cellulite. Believe me, if you do not point out to your beloved these imperfections, he will not notice them.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to look beautiful and elegant at home. Watch the cleanliness of your clothes, do not regret and throw away already worn-out wardrobe items, and when choosing an outfit for the house, ask yourself: “Would I meet an unexpected guest in it?”