How To Choose A Watch?

Watches in our advanced time are considered a determinant of time and an exciting attribute, which can also play the role of other jewelry. And if we are talking not just about watches, but about men’s eyes, then this is to some extent also an indicator of the solidity of a person (his prestige). That is why it is necessary to select this accessory especially carefully.

Elegant, branded watches on the men’s wrist can express a high rank and show a specific position in the society of its owner. In short, choosing the right look is no less complicated than choosing a laptop or a communicator.

In this article, I will try to give an intelligible answer to some questions on choosing a watch.

The watch is, to some extent, a reflection of a man’s sense of personality. We can choose any look: sports, multifunctional or classic, but they always need to be selected for clothes, character and, no matter how surprising you, the owner’s age. For example, if sports watches are great for modern young men actively involved in some sports, then the same eye for a businessman, even just started his business, can look ridiculous.

So, first of all, you need to decide on a fundamental question, why and what kind of watch do you need? The question is banal, but the answer to it can significantly facilitate the choice.

Let’s look at the options for reasons to buy a watch:

1) “temporary”;

2) “for every day” practical;

3) “for every day” elegant;

4) as a gift;

5) youth version;

6) as an accessory;

7) as an investment of capital;

8) for collecting.

1. Time option

You need a watch solely to navigate in time. Well, in this case, buy the cheapest possible! Even if you buy such a watch on the market for $ 10, it will serve you for several weeks (and, if you’re lucky, and longer). After all, all you need from them is a display of time.

You don’t need them to be waterproof, shockproof, and have other “whirlings.” Even if you lose them, you won’t regret it very much!

2. For everyday use

First of all, be practical. In addition, they should be reliable, easy to use, easy to dress and take off, reasonably worth it.

First of all, such watches are designed to transmit you the necessary information: hours, minutes, and date (although not always the date is required). And, of course, they must display the day of the week on the dial. And the seconds displayed on the dial are “always good.”

Watches of a well-known company will always be more expensive than their less promoted competitors. In the case of buying branded watches, it is essential to recognize a fake. Many fraudsters have some very respected company logos on the dial, but minor changes are not immediately evident. For example, instead of ROLEX will be written ROLEX or RODEX. They may not specify the brand name at all.

3. Dailyrefined version of the watch

In this case, you buy a look elegant and at the same time reasonably practical. In the choice of this version of the eye, there are specific rules.

First, their appearance should not be “aggressive.” Somewhat, on the contrary, restrained.

Secondly, the watch should have a beautiful appearance and not be too large, have a good deal and a beautiful bracelet (there may be no second hand and date). Thirdly, the case must be stainless steel or titanium; gilded fits not very well because wearing can quickly lose its aesthetic qualities.

I recommend taking a branded watch: some particular well-known brand that has good reviews and reputation. But they should not be too expensive. Such a watch should combine an elegant appearance and all the necessary functions.

Also, the watches of this class must be waterproof. On the issue of appearance, I want to note that the combination of two colors is pleasant – “yellow” and “white” (gilded and steel). Also, now in vogue watches rectangular shape, but this is a matter of taste.

4. If you want to present a watch as a gift

You should choose them depending on the circumstances and financial capabilities. Once in vogue were watching “Commander.” Today they are gone. On how to choose a gift and signs associated with facilities,

Here you need to consult the seller unequivocally. Please do not be surprised by the questions asked when buying such a gift. If you see that the consultant is well versed in the makes and models of watches, you can safely use his advice.

5. Youth version of the watch

They should be strong enough, but not too expensive. Because young people often don’t take care of watches properly and don’t value them (young people can lose hours, or they can just be stolen). As for the functions or type of watch, there is complete freedom.

Teenagers tend to prefer electronics. Such companies produce youth versions of watches as SWATCH, CASIO, TIMEX, FLIK FLAK. The eyes of these companies are affordable, always have fashionable designs, and have an extensive range of models for all ages, iding people who have already taken place in life. Their watches are primarily practical, waterproof, and have an attractive appearance.

6. As an accessory

In this case, you need to consider how you dress so that the watch is in harmony with your style. For example, if you adhere to a sporty style in clothing – choose sports to watch, if you prefer to dress in classical traditions – elegant watches without a hint of extravagance will suit you.

7. Do you want to buy a watch to invest money in?

Then, of course, choose the newest and most expensive models of famous brands!

8. And, of course, if you collect watches

Choose those samples that attracted your attention and do not have yet.

Remember, first of all. You must consider your financial capabilities and style of clothing.

There are, however, other criteria by which men’s watches are chosen.

Choosing a watch, you should pay attention to some features:

1. What kind of clock mechanism do you want.

Quartz analog (battery-powered) is an electronically controlled movement that is simple and easy to wear and operate. The only drawback is the replacement of the battery.

Eco-drive – this mechanism easily converts solar or artificial light into energy. Electronics control the instruments.

Mechanical winding is traditional with a classic spring mechanism, which must wind up once a day.

Automatic winding – in simple terms, a watch with a device for automatic spring winding while carrying it on your hand. It has many fans, but there is one significant drawback: not as accurate as mechanical!

An electronic watch is a quartz watch with a digital display indication. The principle is based on transforming the signal from the electric generator to the clock display in the form of seconds and minutes changing on the dial.

2. Which case do you prefer.

The watch’s case determines the shape of the model and serves as protection for the mechanism. There are various forms of wristwatches:

– square;

– round;

– rectangular or polygonal.

The watch’s round case is already considered classic and, for example, square – extravagant. The size of your wrist is crucial to choosing the watch case. Do not choose too large a body, as in this case, wearing and using will be simply uncomfortable.

Most often, the body is made of the following metals: steel, silver, gold, titanium (an excellent option for allergy sufferers), platinum. The choice of any of these metals is significant when buying a watch because it determines the overall appearance of the product and its strength.

And the color of the watch case you should choose for your clothes and the colors prevailing in it.

3. Which glass is better.

When choosing a watch, you should think about selecting the glass installed in them. The most complex and best able to withstand scratches or mechanical damage are transparent glass and sapphire crystal. Unfortunately, watches with high-quality sapphire crystal will be expensive, so only people with a lot of money can afford to buy them (basically, premium watches have this type of glass).

Of course, cheaper will be transparent glass made of mineral glass, which is also strong enough (of course, it is not as scratch-resistant as sapphire), durable and affordable. And, of course, glass made of durable plastic is also a good option.

4. What to look for when choosing a bracelet (strap).

At least I should devote a few minutes of your valuable time to choosing such a detail as a watch strap. In the end, it will be in constant and direct contact with your wrist, so ease of use, convenience, and strength – these are the main characteristics of this element of the watch.

An analog watch is likely to have a rubber or leather strap, but there may be a metal bracelet in some cases. Digital watch straps are usually made of a special kind of sufficiently durable plastic. To facilitate removing and putting on watches, clips or clasps are very often built into premium watch straps.

In my article, I tried to provide you with more practical information on choosing a wristwatch. I hope that after reading it, you will arm yourself with the knowledge gained and go to the store for a suitable wristwatch!