Secrets of Beauty, Health and Success

We often think that beauty and health care are diets, gym, vitamins, fashionable haircuts, skin masks, hair masks, etc. Yes – these are pretty useful and important things. But some simple female beauty secrets will allow us to be healthier and more cheerful, and we will look much better! Maybe for someone, these beauty secrets will seem obvious, but we often forget about them.

Breathe fresh air

Of course, it is just wonderful to go to nature outside the city or to warm countries on vacation! But we can not afford to rest abroad often (and someone only dreams of it), the weather does not always dispose to trips to nature, and we need fresh air regularly. There are straightforward solutions to this problem!

At any time of the year, you can open at least a window at home; you can open it, leaving for work and return not to a stuffy apartment after a hard day, but to breathe freshness at home. It would be good to sleep with the window open! If it’s winter outside, bitter frost and blizzard – at least before going to bed in the room where you sleep, open the window for a few minutes and leave. So you will have a much better rest during the night, your body will not lack oxygen, your skin will look much better (tested on yourself)!

Some people believe that they have “well, absolutely no time for walks in the air” – they say, and work and business are complete and care for the family…

Let me share the elementary secrets of beauty and health that will help you even when you are super busy. First, I assure you that you can always find time for walking, relaxing and fresh air.

At least once a week on the weekend to go out and take a walk in the nearest park, along the dam or sit in the yard (alone, with your beloved or with your family) – this is possible, it is only necessary to pay attention to this and allocate time for such a walk, as for any other important matter. For example, my beloved loves summer, and at different times of the year, walks reluctantly. Once I explained to him that it is vital to walk and breathe fresh air for me, my health, and my good mood! He took this into account, and we began to walk together – and we had a good time, relax, and communicate.

If everything is complicated, you can always, in the evening, after work or study, not “run” home, but walk a little, not to pass an extra stop on the bus, but to walk; I often do this. And when we go to the store for shopping, allow yourself to leisurely “walk” through the shops, at least a little walking between them.

Dress for the weather

We do want to “extend the summer,” and we often walk, in almost any cold weather, without hats, without scarves, without gloves, or in reasonably light jackets and blouses.

At one time, I very often did this until I realized that I could avoid many diseases and frequent colds if I just dressed so that I did not feel discomfort in any weather. You can prolong youth and keep your hands soft if you wear gloves. Improve hair appearance and prevent fragility if you hide them under the heat in the cold, rain, and wind.

Now I do not hesitate even in the summer to take a sweater, a palatine, or even a jacket if I know that I will return late or go for a walk in the evening, and it will be excellent outside. And it does not bother me at all that my beloved man in only one T-shirt or shirt is walking nearby, and I am in a sweater or jacket. Everyone has a different sensitivity to the same temperature. The main thing is that I am comfortable, healthy, feel good, and look great.


You can often hear that “there is no money or time” for gym and fitness club trips. And there is no time to study at home. We sit a lot and sometimes uncomfortably (not all work as fitness instructors). Although, even when I led dance classes, I often lacked an elementary morning warm-up for good health.

Sometimes our shoulders and neck leak, the body becomes not so obedient. And therefore, fatigue and headaches accumulate. But you can always find 5 – 10 minutes a day for the most elementary warm-up!

We can always get up in the morning, knead our shoulders, make a few circular rotations with our head, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, and pelvis. We can crunch all the fingers, make bends, a few twists in the upper part of the body, and just put the legs quite close to each other, turn, and hang so upside down (legs stretch, back, relax shoulders, neck). And during the working day, you can also find a secluded place and make rotations with your head, warm your shoulders and fingers and make a few twists in the body. It’s that simple.

You will feel much better, and the body will be more flexible, obedient, and not so tired. Do not accumulate fatigue and cramps in the muscles. 5-10 minutes a day is natural for everyone.

My method for lifting my mood, vivacity, and easy body warm-up is to find a time and opportunity to periodically stay alone in the room and dance to cheerful music. You can even jump and gallop like a small child – no one sees you, and there is no one to be ashamed of.

This is a simple light warm-up and cheerfulness and just a good mood. And no matter how old you are. Everyone inside has a child who loves to have fun and dance. It is essential to do this from the heart. The same 5 – 10 minutes and a charge of energy and vivacity are provided to you.

Get enough sleep and relax

Try to get enough sleep. I understand perfectly well how difficult it can be. Still, it is so necessary for our body (this is getting rid of general fatigue from headaches, which is a good complexion). At the very least, be sure to do it on the weekends.

Sometimes it is better to abandon the evening watching TV, communication on the Internet – in favor of extra hours of sleep! You will feel much better, which means that the mood will be better and you will have time to do much more the next day.

We are often afraid to miss something in life, not to have time (she often did not sleep until 5 am, watched something, read, searched on the Internet), but I do not say that we need to sleep for days. , do not accumulate fatigue, which will then be increasingly difficult to fight.

Find time to rest during the day. This is a relaxed and leisurely lunch when you do not finish some work urgently, but calmly relax, eat, maybe even walk or sit somewhere in the nearest park. He’s got lunch to relax. Find 20-30 minutes to sleep during the day! Whether you study or work, coming home, you can afford to do nothing until you lie down (and better sleep) for 20 – 30 minutes.

You will be much more cheerful and rested and will be able to redo many essential things around the house. Without tension from the working day, Calmly communicated with loved ones and read a book for the night. All this is tested on personal experience.

Drink plenty of fluids

Much has been written about the fact that water and fluid, in general, are beneficial for all organs and the skin and cleansing the body. Also, water helps control how much you eat and how much you want to eat!

During the day, I drink pretty many fluids (juices, milk, kefir, tea with milk, and just tea). The liquid fills the stomach and relieves hunger for a while. When I think I want to eat, I first make myself tea with milk and drink it. And only if after a time I feel that I want to eat – then I eat. So I eat less during the day. Plus, it turns out that I am singing exactly as much as my body needs.

These are basic, simple, and affordable, and we can say folk beauty and health recipes! They can be used consistently and everywhere, regardless of residence, time of year, and availability of funds. They help me feel much healthier, more alert, and beautiful.