How To Balance Casual With Elegant Dresses

Casual dresses are light, versatile, and very comfortable garments, which get you out of any trouble. These basic garments, which will allow you to look like a confirmed fashionista, can not be missing in your closet.

Regardless of your height and body type, you can spectacularly wear them since there are long, short, printed, colorful, or neutral tones.

How To Combine Casual Dresses

Your casual dresses will look spectacular if you take into account these recommendations:

Check your size

The dress should be neither too tight (that you can’t breathe) nor too short. Choose the right size for your body.

Dress and tennis: the perfect mix

This is a very chic look if you know how to do it correctly.

This trend is comfortable, fresh, youthful, frees our feet from heels’ discomfort, and is an excellent alternative to traditional footwear.

White sneakers go well with practically everything and are perfect for styling your legs if you wear a short dress.

On the other hand, I can wear black sneakers with dresses in floral or animal print prints.

Jackets and blazers: the perfect allies

On cold days it is advisable to protect yourself with a sack, blazer, or jacket.

To stylize the top of your figure, synthetic leather jackets are an alternative.

On the other hand, denim jackets are ideal for subtracting formality from an exquisite dress, with which you will look casual without losing the style.


The choice of accessories for your dresses will depend on two situations: the occasion and the year’s season.

In winter, wear scarves or scarves to complement your dresses. You will look chic and be warm.

For cold afternoons you can wear hats or hats to complement your casual dress.

Extra-large bags look great with short, tube-like dresses, but they shouldn’t pair them with maxi dresses.

And if you are a lover of combining dresses with stockings, opt for those of colors, prints, and designs.

Balance the casual with the elegant

Regardless of the length or cut of your dress, the significant thing when creating your looks with dresses is to achieve a perfect balance between the elegance of a dress and the comfort that is sought with a casual style.

The key will be in the correct mix of your accessories: if, for example, the dress is very formal, choose to combine it with tennis shoes or simple mules and an informal and discreet bag. This will detract from its formality.

On the contrary, if your dress is very sporty and informal, just by adding a blazer, elegant scarf, or a thin bag, you will be ready for that special appointment.

Depending on the style, color, and look you’re looking for, make the dress the center of attention while keeping the rest of the outfit simple.

Wear simple, natural makeup. To complete your style, wild waves or a braid will make you look beautiful.